The Natural Immune Booster Retreat



Nosara, Costa Rica

March 1 - 6, 2022

Encounter life as you never have before, in a luxurious super-nourishing vacation for the body, mind and spirit, at an upscale estate located on the tropical coast of Costa Rica.


The Natural Immune Booster Retreat

6 days spent in a tropical paradise to ignite the body’s natural healing forces. Empower the immune system with a deep understanding of how to bring it back into balance. The retreat includes a body cleanse, superfood cuisine and master classes, breathwork sessions, yoga and free dance sessions, cacao and sweat lodge ceremonies, complete relaxation and much more. 


All of this taking place in pristine nature, with panoramic views of the Pacific ocean - The perfect combination to infuse your life with pulsating energy, joy of being, rejuvenation, thriving good health and a sense of vitality.


Superfood Detox

of the body

The Superfood Detox is a
cleansing and balancing
program based on superfood
which assists the detoxification
process while nourishing the
body to restore its vital energy.

Life is movement. The essence
of transformation is the
ability to move forward. Vital
movement in our bodies is the
key to opening stagnant
energies in our life and to
grow our ability to embody
the light within.



Yoga & Dance



Developing a new perspective 

The most powerful catalizer for
creating a profound change is
developing the consciousness.
Combining the practice of
awareness with the different
elements of the retreat takes us
on a highway through our goals
and intentions.

A deep breath holds the
potential for healing.
Conscious breath leads us
straight to the core of our
being, pouring light onto
unconscious emotions and
limiting beliefs.


The retreat includes: 

  • 3 days of Superfood Juice Cleanse, followed by

  • 3 days of Superfood Light Diet.

  • Daily movement classes - Yoga and Dance.

  • Information-rich lectures about nutrition, digestion, stress management, detox processes and a healthy lifestyle & mindset.

  • Superfood and nutrition "hands-on" master classes.

  • Guided meditations and conscious work

  • Clarity Breathwork sessions

  • Cacao ceremony


Umina and Tanmaya have been soul sisters
for over 20 years. They have been sharing
life, motherhood, and a close friendship
while living together in Israel, Costa Rica
and across the oceans. Tanmaya and Umina
have been sharing a great passion for High
Vibe conscious living. Their enthusiasm for
natural healing and spiritual path is their
deep commitment for life. They have been
leading cleanses and transformational
group processes as well as coaching
personal development journeys for many
years. It has been their dream to share their
love and passion for life together.


Finca Austria venue

Finca Austria is an elegant two-villa ranch set high on the hills. Breathtaking view of the ocean, river and surrounding fauna combined with a tranquil atmosphere create the ideal environment for rejuvenation of the mind, body and spirit. 


price Per Person - 5 night retreat package

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Tanmaya has focused her learning and exploration on body-mind relations for over 25 years, looking at different ways in which our bodies manifest wellness and disease, and the direct connections to our mental, emotional and spiritual well being. She has extensive experience with leading groups and bringing body-awareness, movement and breath into the physical and  emotional healing processes. Tanmaya experienced a deep journey with her own health and eating habits which ignited a commitment to expand her knowledge of cleansing processes, balanced nutrition and the motion of emotions in one’s self – and their impact on our overall well-being. This passionate quest grew into a profession and is being shared with compassion and love.


Umina is a pioneer in the superfood movement that is sweeping the globe. She is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York. She studies and practices western herbal medicine, a yoga teacher and is a mother of three. Her bestselling book, Superfood: Gateway to a New Kitchen, which focuses on food as medicine, brings the world of superfoods and healing through nutrition to every kitchen. Through her experience working as a Health Coach for over 13
years, guiding thousands of people to self-renewal through health and nutrition, Umina has developed an approach which she calls living a high-vibe lifestyle. Her approach is unique in that it expands the definition of healthy nutrition far beyond food to include attention to our relationships,our
sense of self-worth, our happiness and of course, what we eat. Umina is currently working throughout Europe and Israel, helping people transform their lives by revolutionizing their relationship to food.


“Umina is inviting us to join this leading edge of discovery so that we can participate in a health and happiness revolution…When it comes to healthy foods and superfoods, Umina has it covered, so enjoy and experience The Best Day Ever!”

david wolfe (1).png

DAVID AVOCADO WOLFE | Author, Nutritionist, Adventurer

Every once in a while you meet someone really special. Someone that astonishes you with their knowledge and beauty. Tanmaya has been one of those rare people to me. I have had the great pleasure to know her for 5 years, first as a repeat client in the body detox program, then as colleague.

If you are looking to break through your blockages, reset your health and heal body and mind than I encourage you to allow Tanmaya to be your guide. It is without reservation that I give her my highest praise and fully encourage anyone seeking healing to experience any one of her wonderful workshops or clinics.

Dr. Timothy weeks.jpg

Dr. Timothy Weeks | chiropractor, nutrition expert,
holistic physician and author

shai avivi.png

“The workshop is wonderful, everything was just the right amount… Umina is truly inspiring, lovely and radiant… The program is well defined and clear which makes it easy to follow through”

SHAI AVIVI | Actor and Master-Chef

Detoxing with Umina was a phenomenal process! I felt energetic and unbelievably full of life. I felt intense clarity, I’m aware and alert, and grateful that I took part in this detox. I love how easy it was to incorporate it into my busy schedule. I had a very intense experience and I feel renewed. I’ve already recommended the detox to many other people… I’ve done several detox programs throughout my life, but Umina’s was a real joy”

dr aliza fregman.png

DR. ALIZA FREGMAN | General Practitioner

suzanne martineau'.jpg

This retreat is an incredible journey, a deeply spiritual and profoundly human experience. Thank you Tanmaya, for the gifts of space, trust, knowledge, guidance, music and love.

Suzanne Martineau | Broker, Canada



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